Apple MacBook Pro 16inch, 2019

Rises from the ashes of the 15inch, a new and better MacBook…

The 15inch MacBook Pro truly stood the test of time since it was the oldest variant of the MacBook that survived multiple generations, to put that in perspective, Macs have been in a plethora of sizes ranging from 17inches to even 11 and almost every size in the middle but the humble 15 always was there to go to, and till date since 2006, until now. The 15 inch is dead and comes along the 16inch and its here to fix almost all of the complaints users had with the latest generation of MacBook Pros, especially the post 2015 ones, with the TouchBar and all.

The new MacBook Pro is built to look and feel in line with the outgoing generation of MacBook Pros and so its not a big surprise if in one look, it looks like the 15inch. Its almost the same dimensions, only slightly bigger if somebody bothers to put them side by side. The screen has grown in size and eats away at the bezels making it very pretty to look at as it turns on to a brilliant 3072x1920 Retina Display. And the biggest complaint that regular users had with the latest lineup of Mac notebooks was the butterfly mechanism keyboard and Apple listened, finally and replaced it with a brand new scissor mechanism keyboard based on their Magic Keyboard that comes for the iMac.

To talk more about that keyboard, it looks almost the same as the butterfly mechanism keyboard but start using it and you’ll realize it is the perfect keyboard. Its got just the right travel, it doesn’t suffer from the immediate key failure that the previous keyboard system suffered from with the smallest speck of dirt falling in, which is wonderful, not that you should be throwing dirt or crumbs onto your keyboards. The trackpad is the same as before and its always been large and brilliant and so is this one. Another thing that comes to notice about the keyboard is the TouchBar area. Now before it used to be a singular strip that had the TouchID/power button built into it and had a digital escape key while the rest of the interface was variable. On the new MacBook Pro 16inch, you’ll find that it now has a physical escape key due to popular demand as they put it, and the power button/TouchID is also
separated from the TouchBar as a separate button which might be early signs towards the future of the TouchBar. Apart from that, there’s an under the hood upgrade for the speakers in those massive speaker grilles that flank the keyboard and they sound better than ever with a lot better dynamic range, and the rattling on higher volumes is also significantly reduced and it also gets a new 3 mic array for better FaceTime calls which is a welcome upgrade.

About under-the-hood upgrades, this one is a major upgrade as it houses the biggest battery seen on a MacBook before and in fact it is the largest battery that you could legally fly with so you know you have got all the battery you possibly could on a laptop. The new MacBook Pro gets a 100 watt-hours battery which is a massive battery and will very easily take you through the entire day and some if needed. To get more detailed on the specs of the MacBook Pro 16 inch, things get even more interesting. The new display hits 500nits of brightness like the 15inch and also runs DCI-P3 wide color gamut which looks even more brilliant on the 3072x1920 resolution display not that it wasn’t brilliant on the older one, but bigger is better for displays and holds true here too. 
The new 16 inch also gets brand new internals and they’re better than ever before. The entry level 16inch will start from 9th generation Intel core i7 six core processor clocked at 2.6GHz and will Turbo Boost upto 4.5GHz while the top of the line 16 inch will house a 9th generation Intel core i9 8 core processor clocked at 2.4GHz that can Turbo Boost to 5.0GHz. On stock the MacBook Pro 16 inch is loaded with 16 gigs of RAM which is enough for most but for those who want even more can get 32 and 64GB options. Storage options are also plenty on the new 16 inch, the baseline storage is a 512GB but can be loaded in 1, 2, 4 and 8TB SSD options which cost a lot of money but are certainly out there as options if you’re in for loading it all on your machine and do not intend to rely on hard drives which would be a lot cheaper though. The real upgrades come to the Graphic memory of the MacBook Pro and the 16inch variant comes with a new 4GB AMD Radeon Pro 5300M along with Intel UHD Graphics 630 with automated graphics switching as standard on the base and 4 GB of AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with the Intel UHD Graphics 630 on the top line variant but can there’s an option to bump that AMD Radeon 5500M to 8 gigs of memory which again, does cost you sweet money but if you have the cash to drop, its there to be loaded on your new 16inch MacBook Pro. Extensions on the new 16inch are the same as before and it comes with 4 USB-C ports that can all act as charging ports too along with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

To put it all in perspective, the 16inch variant is a sweet upgrade as it improves upon all the issues that people had with the outgoing lineup of MacBook Pros and it gets even more upgrades and updates that make it an even better option than the 15inch. To get your hands onto the new 16inch though, as most would think would cost more than before, but luckily, it starts at the same entry price as the previous 15inch at 2399$ which is nice.