BMW 3-Series 2020

Does this new iteration of The 3 hold up with the purists?

The BMW 3 series saw a major facelift in 2019 where it came in an all new generation to take on the market of dynamic sedans, which historically the car has largely dominated. However with every new generation of any popular car, the 3 saw criticism against its all new design for being too big, making it less sporty than the car it has known to be and pull it more towards catering the luxury customer. And for 2020, while the car remains largely unchanged in design it has revised handling, brand new engines and a new automatic gearbox. While there’s no denying that physically, this is the biggest 3 series to date, it doesn’t compromise in performance and is even more luxurious than before as the car also gets redesigned interiors. 

For 2020, BMW has brought in 4 variants in the 3 series lineup for customers to choose from with the baseline starting from the 330i followed by the xDrive variant which feature a 4 cylinder engine and a new M340i and M340i xDrive variant that house an all new in-line 6 cylinder engine block. For the baseline 330i, the car is more or less the same as the 2019 variant, however it gets a couple of features as standard while the entry point to the car receives a price hike. The car now includes built in navigation in the Live Cockpit Plus suite which was a feature that the last car missed along with getting the BMW Connected Package Plus also as standard which brings in the ability too monitor real time traffic while navigation making travel more efficient and smoother.

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Also come as standard now are the BMW Remote Services Package, BMW Connected App ability and Concierge Services pack adding a lot more value to the entry level car in the new 3 series. The car also gets increased options available with an updated BMW Premium Package which now brings heated front seats and steering, Live Cockpit Professional Suite and Connected Package Professional Suite and a new heads-up display and can be applied to any of the variants of the car which brings a new level of customizability to the 3 series. For the customers who prefer power and performance over anything, the M340i is the car to look at until the 2020 BMW M3 hits the market. The M Sport package on the 340i bring a new level of performance to the chassis and that mated to the new 6 cylinder engine make this car truly one of the most fun cars out there in the segment. However the more all rounded choice would be the 330i with the M sport package that brings in the same M-sport suspension from the M340i and also better handling than the stock car and also a few exterior changes that add to the appeal of the car.

The New BMW 3 series gets 2 engine options. One is a 2.0L 4 cylinder engine with a turbocharger and produces around 255 horses and a peak torque of 400Nm which makes the engine punchy and adequately powerful. That along with the refinement that the motor has make this a really good option. Opt for the xDrive variant of the 330i and you’ll find yourself with an even better off the line performance and better driving dynamics. In fact this engine keeps this car in line with the performance of the Audi A4 which is pretty much the biggest rival the car has in the segment. However for those who want even more power and performance, the M340i variants are fitted with a turbocharged 3.0L in-line 6 cylinder that produces a massive 382 horses and a peak torque output of 500.2Nm which make this a complete powerhouse.

And while the engine gets more brute power, it still feels incredibly smooth and refined even when pushed to the redline, it never seems to feel stressed which simply shows how much work has gone into getting these engines ready. In fact the regular M340i will see you quicker of the line even with RWD than the AWD Audi S4, opt for the xDrive variant, and you’re seeing yourself at the top of the food chain in the segment. Both the engines are mated to an incredibly reliable and sharp 8 speed automatic gearbox that comes with flappy pedals, and its pretty much the best gearbox you’ll find on any car in its league.

To talk more about the interiors of the new 3 series, its better than before in every possible way, and thanks to the increased size of the body of the car, this is probably the most spacious car in the segment completely knocking the rival Jaguar XE out of the park and even beating the Audi A4 in legroom and headroom. The interior comes in premium finishes and materials and nothing on the car feels cheap or of poor quality. The seats are comfortable and the cabin is very well designed. The car gets LED lighting in the cabin across the board as standard and also a sunroof. Infotainment duties are handled by an 8.8inch display which is touchscreen but also gets physical controls and is Apple CarPlay compatible but misses out on Android Auto for Android users. Wireless charging pad and on board wifi are available as options and so is BMW Gesture Control suite. The 3 series also gets the BMW Live Cockpit Pro package as an option which brings a 10.25inch display in the car instead of the 8.8 and runs the latest version of BMW iDrive.

To sum it all up, the new 3 series, might bring some criticism against its design, but after a drive, one realizes how well the chassis and the engine and transmission work in tandem making the experience really fun and thrilling. Pair that with the incredible interiors of the car and the luxury, its truly a car that shines at the top of the class. The 330i xDrive with the M sport package makes the most sensible option of the 4 variants, but for those who really want it all, would appreciate other of the M340i variants.