iPad Pro 2020 : Full Specified Review

iPad Pro 2020

Apple has unveiled its latest iPad Pros today on their website and have taken the tech world by surprise by doing it in this subtle fashion. This is due to the fact that with the COVID-19 scare all around the world and with people advised to stay at home and practice social distancing by not going out and attending events with a lot of people to prevent the spread of the global pandemic. However, even without a glorious event that would’ve been hosted to display these magnificent products, there is no denying that these are game changing devices and mean a lot to the position of the iPad as a competitor to the PC and with the last generation of iPad Pros, Apple outshone the sheer processing capacity and power of full on mid-line PC’s and took a bite off the high-end spectrum too, the device was with a lot of potential but missed out on being what it was meant to be because of shortcoming on the software department with iOS just not being adept at handling a device to take on desktop grade operating systems like Windows and even Apple’s own brilliant MacOS.

The new iPad Pro builds on the design of the previous iPad Pros which was revolutionary on its own to bring a host of new features that make this one very close to actually making a hit in the PC industry as the iPad has already conquered the tablet market. It comes in the same 11inch and 12.9inch sizes as before but comes with a brand new processor (spoiler alert, there is new nomenclature for the chip this year), new camera system and a revolutionary sensor that is for the first time ever on a consumer grade device, called LIDAR that will bring a lot more sense and capability to the AR feature of the iPad and yes, a brand new keyboard which finally comes with a Trackpad. This iPad is here to change things. On the design side of things, the dimensions and the footprint of the device are more or less the same, in fact they managed to shave off another 0.1mm of the already super slim outgoing device.

This means that the devices build up on their promise of being super portable and light and not to forget that these are absolute powerhouses, this is something that will be appreciated now more than ever as these become even better at becoming computer replacements than before. The front of the displays on the front are the same as before and are brilliant with industry leading color accuracy and equipped with Apple’s ProMotion technology which allows refresh rates of upto 120Hz which is buttery smooth and TrueTone. The display will hit a peak brightness of 600 nits and is also P3 wide color gamut compliant. The displays also get new anti-reflective coating which make them even better to use even under direct sunlight. The resolution of these Liquid Retina LCD displays is the same as before with the 11inch running at 2388x1668 at 264ppi and the bigger 12.9inch running at 2732x2048 at 264ppi which is gorgeous for all sorts of media consumption and work, or whatever you’ll end up using them for.

Apart from that it still has the TrueDepth camera system for FaceID. On the rear is the big change as the iPad Pro gets the iPhone 11 Pro-esque square camera bump and while from a distance it might appear to be the same triple camera system, this is quite different. It gets 12megapixel wide lens at f/1.8 aperture and an ultra wide lens of 10 megapixels and an aperture of f/2.4 with a 125º field of view and these are very capable cameras but nobody really used their iPad for photography, and this is where the story gets interesting.
The third lens like thing that you’ll see is in fact a sensor called a LiDAR sensor (Light Detection and Ranging) which determines the distance to an object by measuring the time it takes for light to reach it and reflect back and will work to a distance of upto 5 meters and uses direct time of flight to measure the time taken and opens up a whole new world of AR to this device and is really something that is truly ahead of its time and its potential will be seen in the days to come. And then comes the processor that powers it all, usually Apple takes their chip from the latest iPhone, put it on steroids and call it with an X added to it. 

This time they call their latest chip the A12Z Bionic and Apple claims tis chip is so fast that it will outpace majority of the PC laptops that are out there on sale today and while complete details aren’t out, it gets an 8 core graphics processor that’ll make this buttery smooth handling super intensive tasks like 4K video editing, 3D design and AR applications and they have tweaked its thermal design for even longer higher sustained performance and it comes paired with the Neural Engine. This iPad is aimed at handling super intensive applications all at once as Apple focuses heavily on multitasking for the future of the iPad. Along with it as an accessory comes the new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro. The new case packs a full size keyboard based on the scissor mechanism with 1mm of travel, this is the real Magic Keyboard recipe folks, and it is backlit so work around the clock with no trouble and it gets a Trackpad. It supports all the Multi-Touch gestures that everyone loves and knows and with that comes support for Trackpads and Mouse on iPadOS.

The cursor is contextual and transforms dynamically depending on what you’re doing which gives it a new dimension altogether and puts the iPad for the first time in contention of actually being a replacement to your laptop and the case also gets a USB-C port so you can charge your iPad as it attaches to the case magnetically and because of the new floating design, (the iPad Pro is really getting very much like a laptop) it keeps the cable out of the way. Apart from that, the Apple Pencil and the USB-C port are all the same. It still retains the 3 mic array and those incredible speakers. It gets faster Wi-Fi with support for Wi-Fi 6 and the cellular models support Gigabit class LTE. Both the versions of the iPad Pro are equipped with massive batteries to give all day battery life as the 11inch version gets a 28.65 watt-hour battery and the 12.9inch gets a massive 36.71 watt-hour battery. Inside the box they get a 18W USB-C power adapter along with a 1 meter cable like before. 

The new iPad Pros are available in 4 storage options with the pricing as follows. The 11inch iPad Pro for the wifi only models starts from 799$ for the 128GB, 899$ for the 256GB, 1099$ for the 512GB and 1299$ for the 1TB options while the cellular version start at 150$ more on each storage options base price. The 12.9inch iPad Pro for the wifi only model starts from 999$ for the 128GB, 1099$ for the 256GB, 1299$ for the 512GB and 1499$ for the 1TB options and another 150$ for the cellular version on the base price of your storage options. The Magic Keyboard also comes in 2 versions and the one for the 11inch iPad Pro will cost 299$ while the bigger 12.9inch iPad Pro version will cost 349$. The old Smart Keyboard Folio is still available but this one makes just a lot more sense if you’re going to get yourself a keyboard case, might as well get it with a trackpad. The new iPad Pros are available to order from today itself.