OnePlus 7T Pro Review

The OnePlus 7 has received the ’T’ upgrade but is it worth it?

OnePlus has over the years built itself a reputation for making flagship killer phones at an approachable retail price, and to their credit, they’re responsible for making some of the best smartphones that are on sale today. The other thing OnePlus is popular for is their half year refresh cycle. That is, after releasing a phone, within 6 months or so and sometimes even earlier like this time around, OnePlus comes out with their ’T’ upgrade to the current generation of their flagship phone. This year was no different and OnePlus is here with the new OnePlus 7T Pro, what was different was that this time the OnePlus 7T has showed up within 4 months of the release of the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro, begging the question, is the 7T Pro really worth an upgrade.

On the surface of it, there’s really not anything major that’s going on with the 7T Pro. For the sake of it, it does get a slightly faster processor, a slightly bigger battery, slightly improved charging time and the latest version of the OxygenOS now ships out of the box, which make this more or less, a slight update and not a complete new phone from the ground up reducing the significance of the 7T Pro.
To talk more about the design of the phone, it is more or less identical to the previous one and the only major difference would be the new Haze Blue color option or the McLaren edition of the phone that gets custom paint job and graphics inspired by McLaren’s F1 racing team’s livery and the new McLaren Speedtail hypercar. Another change to the physical aspect of the phone is also the relocation of the laser autofocus sensor to the left off the camera strip from its previous positioning on the 7 Pro in the camera bump. The glass on the rear of the phone is Corning Gorilla 3 and is quite durable. While there was no complaints of this design on the previous phone, and is quite great to feel, the same applies here, though the fingerprint markings that appear on the glass are still an issue. The weight and dimensions of the phone remain unchanged and that means it’s still a little on the heavier side. All the other features and ports and buttons are in the same position as before as well as the speakers so if you’re already pretty used to on your OnePlus 7 Pro in the last 4 months, you’ll feel right home with the 7T Pro. The phone does feel slippery because of the glass back and caution is advised if you like to risk it without a phone case, though OnePlus does ship a silicone case in the box to help you avoid dropping it from day 1. 

The story remains the same for the front of the phone too, as it shares the same display as its predecessor of a 6.67inch QHD+ AMOLED display that runs at a 90Hz refresh rate and is HDR10+ and P3 color gamut compliant. The display was never an issue on the 7 Pro and again, is excellent to use on the 7T Pro too offering bright and vibrant colors and excellent viewing angles and as a plus point, also comes with a screen protector fitted right from the factory which is a good touch. Extensions on the OnePlus 7T Pro are again identical as before. It gets a USB-C port for charging and 2 nano-SIM card slots in the SIM tray but misses out on expandable storage and the headphone jack.
The OnePlus 7T Pro is now powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ SoC which and is claimed to have a 15% increase inn graphics performance over the Snapdragon 855 on the OnePlus 7 Pro and a new Prime core on the chip is claimed to run at a higher clock speed over the 855 which sounds all good but in real world performance, there’s not really any night and day difference between the performance of the 2 phones. In fact its quite hard to spot one. The only real difference that one can find is with the McLaren edition of the 7T Pro which houses a monstrous 12 gigs of RAM, which honestly isn’t really going to see any use until the phone starts to really age in the next 2-3 years. The stock OnePlus 7T Pro comes with an 8 gigs of RAM paired to 256 gigs of storage. Performance had really never been an issue on any OnePlus phone and so is the case with the 7T Pro too. The phone feels snappy and quick and the 90Hz refresh rate makes it incredibly smooth, very much like the 7 Pro before it.

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The phone gets all the usual set of connectivity bands from NFC to Bluetooth 5 and dual 4G VoLTE support as well as Dolby Atmos for the stereo speaker setup. While the phone is claimed to be waterproof it doesn’t come with any IP rating as such so water games with this phone are largely to the user’s capacity of risk. Another major feature that is almost standard on flagship phones now, especially the ones with glass back is wireless charging, which the OnePlus 7T Pro misses out on and was believed to be featured with since the 7 Pro with the glass back too missed out on which is a bummer. However OnePlus does claim faster charging times with the wired charger as it ships with a new Warp Charge 30T charger as OnePlus calls it, even though it has the same rating as the previous Warp Charge 30 charger of 30W. The 7T Pro now comes equipped with a 4085mAh battery which is an 85mAh increase from the 7 Pro and the phone will last an entire day of usage easily. 

The cameras on OnePlus phones have been great and the 7T Pro is no different. It gets a 48 megapixel Sony IMX586 with f/1.6 and OIS as the primary sense and an 9 megapixel OIS equipped f/2.4 telephoto lens along with a 16 megapixel ultra wide f/2.2 on the rear and a 16 megapixel sensor on the pop up camera for selfies. The camera is incredibly good and on par as it gets a bunch of software upgrades on the camera app making it more equipped and useful than before. Colors are vibrant and saturated and the details are sharp and good resulting in some great images. However the colors might be too saturated and not life-like while recording in 4K which do not make it an exceptionally great video camera.

All in all the OnePlus 7T Pro is a great phone and pretty good value for the money, however with the OnePlus 7 Pro around, if you’re not really concerned with having the latest and the greatest specs to flex around and want a good phone for great value, it might be a better option over the 7T Pro. For everyone else this is what you’re looking for if the Asus ROG Phone 2 isn’t your flavor of choice. The OnePlus 7T Pro is priced at 53,999 INR and if you want that extra RAM desperately, the McLaren edition is priced at 5000INR more and is priced at 58,999INR.