The rise and dominance of Kanye’s second coming…

Kanye West has been one of the most influential people of our age, and while opinion on him as a personality is severely divided by some of his antics that most people do not condone, or the extravagance of his style and the success he stablished with his music making him one of the most celebrated artists of the era, or his episode with bipolar disorder that led him to hospital and the return and his inclination towards religion in his latest chapter. Kanye has divided people in his wake and these are the characteristics that geniuses have been known for over years. Every great artist has come with their fair share of critique and Kanye is no different in this regard.

So what’s Yeezy…

Yeezy is the fashion brand by Kanye West and is something that is hailed by hype beasts and collectors. Kanye initially started his journey in the line of fashion with Louis Vuitton where he designed shoes and these sold for a retail price of under 1000$ and these now resell for a couple thousands because of their sheer rarity. The Yeezy brand came into existence when Kanye joined forces with Nike to design shoes. The first shoes to come out of this partnership were the Nike Air Yeezy 1 that retailed at around 250$ and there were a total of 3 color ways with the Zen Gray being the most popular color way while the Blink holding the highest resale value at the moment. A pair of Nike Air Yeezy 1 now would cost you at least 2000$ with prices as going as high as 3140$ on average for the Blink color way making these one of the most desirable Yeezies. The shoes somewhat triggered the modern hypebeast era in 2009 when they dropped.

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Then came the Air Yeezy 2 which was the result of Kanye’s collaboration with Nike for a second time and are probably the shoes that hold the highest resale value of any Yeezy branded shoe. This collab also resulted in 3 color ways with all 3 shoes being extremely popular and holding very high value. The cheapest of the trio, Pure Platinum has an average resale price of 3450$ and the Red Octobers hover at 6000$ on average. To put this in context, the shoes had a retail price of 250$ which shows how extreme the demand for these shoes are and their value has been ever increasing since they were dropped in 2012. However these turned out to be the last of the Air Yeezy line as Kanye and Nike broke-up due to issues regarding control of the Yeezy brand and royalties and also the delay that was seen in the launch of the Red Octobers in 2013.

The advantage of this break-up was taken by Adidas who jumped in towards the end of 2013 to sign Kanye with a 10 million $ deal and full ownership to the Yeezy brand. The first shoe born from this marriage was the Yeezy Boost 750 which was a mid-top sneaker and started the trend of people lining up to cop a pair of shoes. The shoes were designed completely by Kanye and saw a retail price of 350$ when they dropped in February 2015 and came in multiple color ways over time as they became a part of the Yeezy Season fashion line highlights and see resale value of as high as 1600$ on average while the least popular shoe would still resale at an average of 800-900$. While the Adidas Yeezy lineup didn’t reach the exorbitant resale as the Nike shoes, that is largely due to the fact that the number of Adidas shoes is ever increasing compared to the sure shot situation of no more Nike Yeezy coming out.

These were followed by the Yeezy Boost 350 which became the most popular iteration of the Yeezy shoes with the shoes sold at a retail price of 200$, the shoe came in 4 colorways and are very valuable amongst collectors with the Turtledove being the rarest of the 4 reselling at an average of 2000$ and the Oxford Tans, the least popular of the 4 at a staggering average resale of 900$ Around the same time as the 350 came the Yeezy 950 boots as part of the Yeezy Season fashion lineup and these shoes retailed for around 585$ making them the most expensive drops of the Yeezy lineup yet and because of their unpopularity, they did not see a very high profit rate with average resale value hovering around 800-900$ for the most popular color way and around 600-700$ for the least popular ones making them somewhat hidden in the Yeezy story.

The shoes that followed were the second iteration the 350 silhouette and were called the Yeezy Boost 350v2 and are probably the most popular collector shoes out there. The shoes debuted at 220$ retail and the first color way to drop was the Beluga that has an average  resale price of a 1000$ at least and are the dirt to come with the iconic SPLY-350 branding on them and was seen during the release of the Yeezy Season 3 which was around the time Kanye was prepping his album ‘The life of Pablo’. Rumor has it that the SPLY branding stands for Saint Pablo Loves You, making the holders of the shoe dear to Mr.West himself.

The shoes saw a bunch of color ways. The first drop of the 350v2 silhouette saw 8 colors and the cheapest of these, the Cream Whites see an average resale price of 800$ easy. 2017 saw another slew of color ways for this silhouette and all of these were instant hits, with a few color ways getting reboots from the previous drops and some entirely fresh colors, the cheapest resale value is for the second iteration of the Cream Whites which is somewhere on an average of 300$ and the Bred being the most popular at around an average of 900$. This did start the downfall of the 350v2 because of the rise of the Nike and Off-White collab which ate away the hype of the Yeezy brand.

2018 saw the release of the Yeezy 700 silhouette and the Yeezy 500 which didn’t see much growth initially but the former soon picked up great realize value with the first drop at 900$ but after a second drop of the same color way dropped prices to 400$ average resale. The 500 was a bummer in this regard with a retail of 160$ but reselling at an average of 250-300$ only which was also due to the lack of Boost, Primeknit and the SPLY branding. The 700 was a hit and saw multiple color ways later all holding a good value of at least 500$ average. 2019 saw the rise of the Yeezy brand again as iconic color ways were reintroduced from the v1 lineup to the v2 and saw reflectives coming in as more exclusive shoes and while they retailed for 220$, they hold an average resale of as high as 1400$. All in all 33 pairs of Yeezy shoes dropped in 2019 but not all them hold that extreme value, however all of them resale at at least 300-400$ average at any given time. This year also saw the release of the Yeezy 700v2 which was an instant hit, at a retail of 300$, the shoes hold a healthy 1000-1500$ average resale value.

2019 also saw the release of the new Yeezy Boost 380 and Yeezy QNTM with the former launching at retail for 230$ and holding a value of over 1400$ average, the QNTM saw free distribution of limited pairs in Chicago and haven’t come to retail officially and are holding over 2000$ in resale at the moment. The Yeezy brand is here to stay and the sheer genius of Kanye’s creativity is the embodiment of these shoes which makes them highly valuable.