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Jose Mourinho The Best Coach in the World Today we’re looking at the life and times of Jose Marina, arguably one of the world’s best football team managers, his colourful personality and sideline antics have earned him a place in many fans hearts, a family man at heart Marino has managed teams all over the European continent with great success, born into a family of football players, where you know follow his father’s footsteps.

Jose Mourinho the best manager of world

He’s taken on some seemingly insurmountable hurdles in his career, conquering most but having to concede to defeat and others. But enough with the intro.

Jose Mourinho the best manager of world

Jose Mourinho the best manager of world He played football from a young age and moved on to play at a youth team his father managed realising he lacked the pace, power and endurance needed to play professionally. Marino was forced to put his dreams aside. However, he was determined to continue to play a role in the football world. So he looked to team management as his future. Number two, Jose Marino got his start coaching, a school football team, how to say Marino went to study Sports Science at the Technical University of Lisbon.

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Amazon has just Jose Mourinho Amazon Documentary Despite his keen understanding of the game and how to motivate players. Jose Marino still felt he had a lot to learn. He put his time as an assistant manager to good use. Gleaning as much knowledge as possible from the managers, he worked with, in particular, he found a mentor in Bobby Robson from whom he learned about how to accept a win for a defeat philosophically, when Robson left, Barcelona, Marina chose to stay and work with the new manager, Luis von Gaul, his diligence when it came to preparation and support of a team during a match was something Marino himself believed in. Number four, Marino’s first management’s did was that Ben Vika, in 2000 Marino got the job of manager after the club sat the yoke behind kiss, within a month of the start of Portugal’s Premier League. Marino demanded the right to choose his own assistant, and often for Carlos Moses.

Jose Mourinho 15 Things You Didn’t Know

Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenal manager with the 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Jose Marino. If you’re new here, welcome, be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a lux, number one, Jose Marino chose management, because he lacked the skills to play professionally.

Jose Mourinho Amazon Documentary
  • Jose Mourinho the best manager of world Born in Portugal January 26 1963 Jose Maria de Santos Marino Felix, grew up in a family that loved football.
  • He grew up in a middle class home conscious of his father’s professional football career and wanting to emulate it.
  • Marino worked his way up to assistant manager to Bobby Robson, he started as Robson’s translator when he arrived in Portugal.
  • He attended training courses in both England and Scotland.
  • He left looking to get his foot in the door for a chance to involve himself in professional football.

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